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  1. Phill Johnson says:

    Hi Phil, I am planning a Bordaeux to Sete bike ride, like yourself I am at retirement age and have done a couple of rides in the UK and feel confident
    (God willing) about taking this on. Did you notice many signs for campsites
    along the way?as it is my intention to camp or wild camp, also my bike will be a folding Airnimal Joey with 24″ wheels that I can fold and bag for train travel. Can you fortell any problems.
    Best regards,

    • Hello Phill,
      Thank you for your question. I must say that camping-sites seemed very thin on the ground when I did my trip. But then, I wasn’t on the look-out for them. I stayed in hotels and ‘chambes d’hote’ because I wanted to travel very light. I would imagine that the opportunities for wild camping would be considerable. I remember many places along the canal side that would have been ideal. What French law has to say about the activity is something else!
      As for your 24″ wheels,I can’t foresee many problems for most of the route. The only place where you might have a bit of difficulty is on the Canal du Midi where the tow-path can be very rough.
      I wish you well with your venture. I envy you. I would do my trip again if I wasn’t planning another different ride this summer (the river Loire from source to mouth).

      All the best

  2. Jayne Pye says:

    Hello Phill,
    I have seen the route you cycled through France. In August i m cycing from St Malo to Auch, Gers. Your route sounds great to me . i want quiet roads and to do 50/60 miles per day . i cant print your route so are you able to send me a printable version of the whole route and each day( the whole rout) and for each day . Any advice re maps also, thanks Jayne

  3. satinder says:

    Hi Philipe

    Very impressed have done the Dinard to Dinan in early July so the roads and voies vertes were damp rather than drenched.
    I agree the routes are fiction or badly reported I wasted money on the Book Greenway of Brittany as it is flawed and I think the person hasnt done the rides and has gleamed info from the theoretics.
    We chose to go via the roads from St Malo purely as we were trying to catch the TDF start from Dinan and I can vouch that its not dangerous at all and for 99% the roads were clear and we were met with courtesy from the drivers.
    I have made a few bike cam videos heres one coming off the same ferry and anyone interested can check out the others.

    Coming off the ferry
    on the route to the little ferry port in Dinard

    The Greenway into Dinan

    catching the little ferry from Dinard

    If anyones interested in La Hisse about a mile from where the path finishes and next to the next part the canal route to Dinan theres a very nice and not too expensive B&B called the Vue De La Rance owned by an English Professor fantastic building and view.

    I hope to do more of the same next year likeyou btw I used a Specialized Trek 7.5fx Hybrid with 700c tyres and 23c tyres and had no problems I would recommend getting Armadillo all condition pucture resistant tyres as it will save you a puncture .

    its a shame you didnt go into Dinan very pretty town raining heavily when I went however it was and its not far from where you had food on the river side and a very small steep road to the ramparts and you are there

    I will refer to your experiences when I do my next travels and look forward to finding out more.

    Satinder Ahluwalia

  4. Thanks for your comments and links Satinder. Good luck with your next trip!

  5. Dzieciol says:

    Bonjour ,
    j’ai viens de lire votre commentaire sur les chambre d’hôte à Puicheric je suis Eva la polonaise et je vous remercie pour votre surprenante aventure avec la couleuvre , mon bien être dans le domaine du bio si bien decrti par vous , actuellement j’ai ouvert un tout petit resto à Narbonne bien sur j’ai réaliser mon rêve , mes clients sont ravie cuisine bio maison , d’autre fois de nous grande mères , si vous passer par la ,,,,??? dans le coin je vous invite avec plaisir et cette fois sans serpent LE nom du restaurent Consom ‘Nat place de le révolution. Cordialement Eva la polonaise.

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