New Rides

Following last year’s ride along the Loire, I did a ride this year along the Rhine from Disentis to Basel. The original intention was to cycle as far as Koblenz, but passport difficulties confined me to Switzerland.

Mapping was more difficult this year, too, since Google maps appear no longer to accept the upload of gpx files and even those files that it does accept don’t produce a decent result.

Anyway to visit this year’s blog, which is in progress, visit :

Last years’s cycle-trip: From Gerbier-de-jonc to Saumur

As a follow-up from my 2010 trip, in the summer of 2011 I did a ride from the source of the Loire at Le Mont Gerbier-de-Jonc in the Ardèche to the town of Saumur. The original intention was to go from source to the sea, but I stopped two days short of the coast firstly because I ran out of time and secondly because I already knew the section from Saumur to Saint-Brévin-les-Pins and didn’t fancy cycling it again.

To view last years’s blog which is devoted to a ride along the river Loire go to :

Last year’s blog has improved mapping: I used a GPS and uploaded the gpx files to Google.

There is a blog coming on a ride i did in 2013 along the Danube.

For my latest 2014 ride go to :


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